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Who Are "Baby Boomers"?
Were You Born Between  1946 and 1964
The first baby boomers turned fifty in 1996. The last Baby Boomer turned 50 in 2014.

At this stage of our lives,  we are not only still alive, but some of us are starting new jobs, new families, new hobbies, and living life to the fullest, despite aging.

The problem is not getting older, the real goal is to accept getting older and to learn how-to-move through this next phase of your life.

After all is said and done, at this stage of your life, you must learn to "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF",  after decades of taking care of other, (wives, husbands, children, family members, employees, etc.)

Can you do that? I will help you with our 'smart phone' workshops.

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What’s Next in Life?” Workshop

 Includes 2 workshops and a Master Trainer Certificate is included.

 On-Demand - $ 39. 00
Training Length: 1 Hours

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